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Who Else Wants A Free Therapy Session?

Not everyone can afford private therapy. Therefore, every month I offer a FREE therapy session (valued at $150). Below are 3 easy steps on how to apply.

Apply for the FREE therapy session if you are willing to do three small things in return:
1. Comment on any 3 of my YouTube videos:
2. Share any of my videos on your social media
3. Do something nice for another person within 48 hours after your free therapy session.

Step #1:

Enter your name and email to place your request for a free therapy session.

Step #2:

Go to my YouTube and share your comments on any 3 of my videos

I have 500+ Self-Development Videos

Step #3:

When finish commenting, share any of my videos on your social media and email me the link together with your YouTube username to:

My manager will confirm your information and add your name for a free therapy session!

I’ll Let the Universe Choose the Winner by Using a Random Drawing.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Elena Semenek

I have been working with Elena for over 2 years now and I cannot thank her enough for the work we have done. Elena uses a lot of visionary (imagination) in the process which helps tremendously with the transformation. I initially came to Elena with anxiety issues and ended up making therapy a part of my weekly life because my progress was very apparent and now I feel like it’s an essential part of my self development.
-Olesya Besprozvannykh
San Francisco, USA
Therapy with Elena has been a wonderful experience for me. I was nervous at the beginning because I wasn’t sure how one person could understand my 40+ years of mental baggage however Elena proved very perceptive, took the time to listen and made me feel comfortable and validated. Our sessions have helped me deal with family relationships, setting boundaries and increasing my self esteem. Her kind, supportive nature makes me feel positive after every session and gives me hope for the future when once I felt despair. Elena has a fantastic ability to help me understand family dynamics and has definitely improved my relationships with my partner, children and parents. I truly appreciate her insight.
-Dušanka Gendic
Sydney, Australia
Elena Semenek Review
I’ve had sessions with Elena and she is amazingly smart and educated. She is also kind and compassionate. If you are looking for a professional to help you sort things out and get healthy, she is the one 🙂
Los Angeles, USA

If You Don’t Apply For Free Therapy Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later!