Welcome to the 8-Week Online Course: Program Yourself For Success

This online course includes 5 free webinars and 8 weeks of deep internal healing. Every week you will work, step by step, on overcoming your limiting beliefs and negative parental messages, replacing them with feelings of self-worth and self-confidence. 

This course is about understanding what is stopping you from achieving the desired successes in your life and reprogramming your own brain to have a healthy and prosperous life. 

This course includes guided meditations, initiative exercises, life-coaching techniques, journaling practices, art therapy exercises, and movie therapy. 

In this course, you will develop a completely new set of emotional reactions and a new set of healthy self-beliefs that will help you to achieve a new level of success in your life. 

Scroll down to read more about each healing week and watch the 5 free webinars!

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8 Weeks of Healing:

Week #1: Tune into a state of abundance. No rules, no limitations. Anything is possible! Connect to your own abilities to see new possibilities in life and manifest your dreams.

Week #2: Master six vital rules of success. Six rules that you must follow if you want your dreams to come true!

Week #3: Eliminate five behavior patterns that can delay or even prevent you from achieving your goals and manifesting your dreams.

Week #4: Learn how to use your negative emotions to increase the chances of your dreams being realized.

Week #5: Override your limiting self-beliefs and negative paternal messages. This is especially useful for people whose Father didn’t support them or was emotionally unavailable during their childhood. 

Week #6:Override your limiting self-beliefs and negative maternal messages. This is especially useful for people whose Mather didn’t support them or was emotionally unavailable during their childhood.

Week #7: Override your mental money blocks and receive a Divine Blessing for success. 

Week #8: Amplify your results with Movie-therapy. Learn how to watch a movie to make it a therapeutic experience. I have chosen 5 great movies that will not only motivate you towards the realization of your dreams but will also prove that nothing is impossible. You can become who you want to become and achieve anything you want to achieve!

Movie therapy is one of the most effective and easiest ways to overcome life challenges, fight your fears, and boost your self-esteem. You will receive specific instructions on what, when, and how to watch these movies, in order to create the life that you really want!

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People Who Attended This Course Say

I received a job offer with a salary twice as high as I had before. I began to understand myself better, and my relationship improved. Of course, all of these things make me very happy because now I can choose the best option for myself. The most important thing is that I have become more confident in myself. I value myself more now and feel the inner strength inside me. I have already taken 3 online courses with Elena and am looking forward to the next one!
— Katherine M.
This REALLY WORKS! I don’t know how, but it does work! I lived without realizing how much energy I was wasting on my internal “war”! Years of depression, poor health, a ruined personal life, and a lack of money… This course has changed my life!
— Maya M.
Thank you for helping me get to know my inner child. It’s priceless. The online course has helped me to survive a terrible and difficult moment in my life. Now I am writing, and tears are running down my face. A lot of inner work was done. Thanks for the private sessions via Skype. If someone has the finances but has doubts about which package to choose, then definitely choose a Platinum membership that includes personal one-on-one consultations.
— Katya H.

Frequently Asked Questions

My mission is to help you to understand the true barriers that are stopping you from achieving success in your life. I provide you with the best healing tools that, personally, helped me, and my clients to reach their life’s goals. I truly believe that if you follow all my recommendations and do all the exercises you will not only achieve the desired results but, additionally, gain self-confidence and can truly enjoy your life!

This course is available for Silver members or higher. You will have access as long as you keep your membership active. You can read more about different memberships here!

If you’re really unhappy with the course, just send your request to info@elenasemenek.com within 7 days to get a full refund.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at info@elenasemenek.com

Choose Your Membership Level To Access This Course

Five Free Webinars

How to Make All Your Dreams Come True

  • How many wishes you should have before they start coming true
  • What types of wishes you should have: Material (such as a house, a car, and money) or Immaterial (health, happiness, a life partner, a best friend, etc.)
  • Harvard research on the importance of writing down all your wishes
  • 6 rules of how to make wishes, so they can come true

Scarcity Mentality vs. Abundance Mentality

  • How your limiting beliefs are stopping you from pursuing and achieving your goals.
  • Discover how to switch from the scarcity mentality to the abundance mentality
  • How mental blocks can stop you from success and happiness.

Should Our Children Be Our Main Priority?

  • A good girl / good boy syndrome
  • How good parents can raise selfish kids
  • How parents can cause a child to have hero syndrome
  • The golden rule of how to raise a happy and successful child

Optimist vs. Pessimist

  • How to know if you are optimistic or pessimistic
  • The benefits of being an optimist
  • How to overcome your limiting beliefs and start seeing new opportunities in life

Why can’t I accomplish anything in life?

  • Why can’t I achieve anything in life?
  • What is wrong with me?

Choose to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life!

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When you want to achieve anything in life, you should always remember to work on all three levels: Mind, Body, and Spirit … and this is exactly what we will do in this online course!

Enroll in this course and you will:

1. Program your mind to live in the abundance mentality
2. Overcome your limiting beliefs and work on your self-worthiness
3. Watch movies and reprogram yourself for success!

At the end of this course, you will believe in your dreams, and, most importantly, you will believe in yourself!


You will know that you are worthy to realize your dreams and achieve your goals!