5 Free Webinars and 9 Weeks of Deep Internal Healing

Our Inner Child is a very important part of our personalities. As we developed our bodies and brains we also developed our personalities. Every event that happened throughout our childhood aided in creating the personality that we have today. Whether it was happy events or painful events they all stuck with us to grow us.

Our Inner Child is part of our spontaneous, creative, and happy thoughts while also being our angry, curious, and sad thoughts. Understanding where our emotions come from is one of the most important steps on our path to healing. Discovering more about our childhood helps us to connect to our True Self, our Higher Self, and brings us joy, fulfillment, and happiness.

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Week #1 – Return to Paradise

Exercise “The Divine Child” – learn how to recognize and connect to your inner child

Exercise “The  Magical Lake” – fulfill yourself with feelings of love, security, freedom, and happiness

Exercise “The Sea Turtle” – relax, release your anxiety, and feel protected by a strong turtle shell. As a result of this exercise, you will obtain a secure place within.

Week #2 – Birth as the Miracle of Life!

“Goldfish” Meditation – this is a guided meditation for love, happiness, and a feeling of security.

Exercise “My Divine Parents”– feel the importance and value of your life, experience your parents’ unconditional love and receive the divine blessing to have a happy and successful life.

Exercise “The Divine Egg”– let yourself be reborn and see the world as a great place to live. Let it be an abundant place where there is always someone to protect you.

Исцеление Внутреннего Ребенка

Week #3 – Parents’ Love, as the Foundation for a Happy Life

☑ Exercise “The Milky Cow” – with mother’s milk, a child receives all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. This practice will help you to heal your body, and give your Inner Child everything that you did not receive during the first year of your life.

☑ Exercise “The Summer Rain & The Warm Earth” – rain is the symbol of the father who feeds, nurtures, protects and helps a child to grow. If your father did not take care of you when you were a child, then you might develop a victim’s personality – a person who lives in constant anxiety and fear. This exercise will help you to create a healing place within, and as a result, your inner peace will bring an incredible effect to all other areas of your life.

☑ Exercise “The List of Childhood Joys” – get in touch with your creativity, your true desires, and become a happy child again. Release stress, be worry-free, and start enjoying your life.

Week #4 – Self-Confidence, Self-Acceptance, and Anger Management

Exercise “Understanding my Anger” – be aware of your triggers and learn how to manage your emotions.

☑  Exercise “Toad in a Swamp” – release your inner aggression in a safe way, learn how to overcome “shoulda/coulda/woulda” and “I have to/I must”. Allow yourself to have things that you want. Accept your body and yourself for who you truly are.

Exercise “Yes, I can!” – the ability to be in charge of your own life, create your own rules, and take responsibility for the results.

How to deal with Child's Aggression

Week #5 – Pause and Reflect

Work with the Inner Child always takes a lot of energy and strength. A pause in this healing process is absolutely necessary to avoid any breakdowns.

Week #6 – Fears and Anxieties

Exercise “Meeting Your Inner Monster” – the opportunity to face your fear and connect to your “inner monster” in order to feed it and calm it down.

☑ Meditation “My Source of Energy” – open your internal source of energy, inner power, and abundance.

☑ Exercise “Defeating The Great Spider” – the goal of this exercise is to overcome your childhood fears that you might not be aware of. Most fears that we have in adult life can be traced to our childhood. Once we face them, we can realize that they are not as frightened as we thought. We are no longer kids and it’s time to look at our fears from the adult’s point of view.

Week #7 – Healthy Boundaries

☑ Exercise “Communication Limits” – There are 5 groups of people that you communicate with often in your life. Analyzing your communication limits within these 5 groups will help you to recognize your limiting beliefs and understand the true reasons for some of your actions.

☑ Learn Top Golden Communication Phrases – that will help you to feel comfortable in any situation (even if you don’t know anything about the topic of the conversation).

☑ Master 10 rules of healthy communication. Some of them will shock you!

Guided Meditation “My Allotment of Land” – set and take care of boundaries of your imaginary land because they represents your personal boundaries in real life. Make sure that your land is well protected, welcoming and friendly at the same time.

Healthy boundaries - how to say NO

Week #8 – How to Say “No”

☑ Exercise “How to Say – No” – learn the algorithm of how to say “NO” (what to say and how to say it)

☑ Exercise “5 Golden Rules of Communications” – these rules will help you to create healthy boundaries and make others respect you, your time, and your actions.

Exercise “5 Doors” – learn how to find an exit (or a solution) in any situation. This exercise will help you to understand that you always have a choice – not one – but multiple choices. It will help you to train your ability to choose your reaction rather than act on emotions. This is one of the most important qualities that everybody needs in order to be successful in relationships and carrier!

healing your inner child - how to say no

Week #9 – Talisman for Happiness!

☑ Healthy boundaries: learn what to do when people ignore your boundaries? What to do if your family, friends, and co-workers continue to manipulate you? Learn how to survive and be happy in this unperfect world.

☑ Exercise “My Devine Child Part 2”: once again connect to your Inner Child but this time it will be a completely new experience. Do you want to know why? Join the course to find the answer.

☑ Exercise “Swimming Across the River”: symbolically the river is the border between your past and your future. You can sit on one bank for the rest of your life and only dream about a different life. In this exercise, you will be able to leave your pain, regrets and resentment behind, say goodbye to your past, and start living the life that you dreamed about! Allow yourself to stop suffering and start living!

☑ Exercise “Talisman for Happiness”: give your Inner Child a magic talisman for happiness, and start seeing love and abundance in your life! Receive my recommendations and guidelines on how to continue this healing process.

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What to Expect From This Course:

I took the whole course and it was a very transformative experience. The journey is not easy sometimes but always rewarding. Elena’s caring attitude, creativity, and competence made me feel like I am in good hands and will succeed in finding, meeting, and healing my inner child. I got a lot of practical tools (drawing therapy, meditations, practices) that continue supporting the process that the seminars successfully started. One recommendation. Save everything you create during the course of training. Looking through my legacy was like reading a captivating novel with plot twists and turns and a skillfully crafted main character development.
— Zhanna Zabello Buell
I took all of Elena’s courses and it was a very transformative experience. The journey is not easy sometimes but always rewarding. Elena’s caring attitude, creativity, and competence made me feel like I am in good hands and will succeed in finding, meeting, and healing my inner child. I got a lot of practical tools (Elena, thank you very much for the fact that you have appeared in my life. Thank you for helping me get to know my inner child. It’s priceless. You and your training have helped me a lot to survive a very terrible and difficult moment in my life. Now I am writing, and tears are running down my face. I have never drawn so much. I went through each exercise of the 8-week online workshop with persistence and pleasure. A lot of inner work was done. Thanks for the personal advice on Skype via my private sessions. Thanks for your support, for the fact, that I was able to write to you at any moment about what was bothering me, and always received your answer and emotional support. I want to say if someone has the financial ability but who has doubts about which membership to choose, then definitely choose a Platinum that includes personal one-on-one consultations.
— Katherine H.,
I’ve spent a lot of time watching different videos on YouTube (mostly meditations) before I found the Psychology of Happiness channel. I was depressed and felt tired most of the time. I had no self-confidence. One day, I found out about the online workshop “Healing the Inner Child”. I decided to participate because something inside me said, “Yes, Yes!”
I have learned a lot from this workshop. The most important thing for me was that I have learned how to understand myself better and understand my thoughts and my anxieties. I’ve learned how to listen to my own body. There were times during the workshop when I had tears in my eyes. I had to face my childhood wounds. Facing these wounds gave me clearness and lightness. The most memorable exercises were: “Sea Turtle” and “Toad in the Swamp”. Even though the workshop ended a few weeks ago, I still have insights about myself and my life. Elena, you are a wonderful psychologist and a person. I am looking forward to attending more workshops with you and watching more of your videos!!!! You have done such a great job! My deepest respect to you!
— Sincerely, Julia J.,

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My mission is to help you to understand the true barriers that are stopping you from creating loving, profound relationships and manifesting your dreams. I provide you with the best healing tools that, personally, helped me, and my clients to reach their life’s goals. I truly believe that if you follow all my recommendations and do all the exercises you will not only achieve the desired results but, additionally, gain self-confidence and can truly enjoy your life!

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Watch Free Webinars

Healing the Inner Child

What is the Inner Child? What defense mechanisms does he use? How does our wounded inner child affect our relationships?

Coping with Traumatic Events and PTSD

Wounded Inner Child and PTSD. Learn the three most common mechanisms to cope with traumatic events and PTSD. Discover how our psyche works and the reason why one healing method doesn’t work for everyone


Obstacles to Love

Everything comes from our childhood… Learn how our Inner Child might cause pain in a romantic relationship and even prevent us from achieving success in our careers. 

4 Stages of Childhood

When did you not get enough love? What childhood trauma you are reliving in your adult life? Watch this webinar to find the answers.

Overeating and Your Inner Child

Food is one of the universal coping mechanisms that we use to suppress our pain, anxiety, and anger. In this webinar, I explain how this algorithm works and what our eating habits can tell us about our childhood. 

You Should Attend This Course If:

☑ You want to learn how to understand yourself and your true desires

☑ If you want to overcome your fears and anxieties

☑ Gain self-confidence and self-esteem

Stop being a victim and stop sacrificing yourself for others

☑ If you want to learn how to attract love and abundance into your life

☑ Attract new opportunities in life and use them to the maximum!

☑ Love and accept yourself the way you are

☑ Free yourself from constant worries and start enjoying your life!

☑ Allow yourself to have a profound, fulfilling, and happy life!

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