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5 Self-Development Webinars:

1. The truth about your Inner Child
2. Tell me what you eat and I tell you what problems you have
3. Ten biggest mistakes in relationships
4. Scarcity vs abundance mindset
5. The secret of Harvard’s students achieving their goals

5 Guided Meditations for:

1. Loving yourself more
2. Boosting your self-esteem
3. Healing your body and your sexuality
4. Defeating stress and anxiety by using proper breathing
5. Connecting to the abundance, prosperity, and wealth within yourself

5 Healing Exercises:

1. The fastest way to overcome self-limiting beliefs
2. How to with anxiety in 2 minutes
3. The best way to connect to your True Self
4. The lazy way to boost your energy and feel great
5. A quick way to t
ransform your mental money blocks

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Being abused physically and emotionally as a child, I was familiar with abusive relationships and thought it was normal. After years of pain, I finally left all toxic relationships. I treat myself with love now and only keep friends who treat me the same way. If you are hurting, I highly recommend that you contact Elena. She is very smart and kind and has the education and experience to really help.
Jay B. Webb, Bristol, United Kingdon

The self-development journey is not easy sometimes but always rewarding. Elena’s caring attitude, creativity, and competence made me feel like I am in good hands and will succeed in healing my inner child.I got a lot of practical tools that I am still using every day. 
Zhanna Zabello Buell, New York, USA

Thank you for all the love and support that u provide. Thanks for creating the self-development webinars so we can heal our wounds, become our true authentic selves, and love ourselves a little more. Thanks for all your hard work and the efforts that u put for us. May God bless u sweet innocent cute lady. 
– @mehakmakkar55

What Everybody Ought to Know About Elena Semenek

Elena Semenek, an International Speaker, the founder of Psychology of Happiness, and a survivor of severe childhood divorce and emotional neglect, was able to break her detrimental cycle, find her Mr. Right, create a loving, caring, profound relationship, and manifest her dream of becoming a motivational coach.

Elena has integrated her 15+ years in psychology with her personal life experience and now she is inspiring millions of people around the world helping them to become authentic, and truly enjoy their lives.

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Through the years I’ve learned and personally experienced hundreds of psychological and spiritual approaches. I’ve selected the best for you. I am a living example that my methods work. Try it and see it for yourself. It won’t hurt you but the benefits might be beyond your imagination!

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